Allegations against staff

Brief Overview: A suite of courses aimed to support schools with a range of safeguarding functions.

Tim Rogers is one of the leading authorities in the UK for the protection of children. He is a former Detective for Warwickshire Police, as well as being a Graduate of the CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre) Academy.

He provides consultant training for a variety of bodies across the UK and has considerable experience in delivering training including: Introduction to Child Protection; Level 1 to 4 Child Protection/ Safeguarding training; DSO (Education and All Sectors).

Who is it suitable for: Head teachers/ Senior and middle leaders

What is the intended impact for you?

What will you take away with you? e.g. resources, learning points etc.

Increased understanding and awareness of child protection and safeguarding issues.


Course title Date Time Brief Outline

Allegations against staff


(£75 per delegate)

22/05/17 9am-12pm
  • To enable participants to become familiar with the role and responsibilities of managing allegations against staff and develop competence and confidence in carrying out this role.
  • Describe the role and key areas of responsibility when responding to allegations against staff.
  • Understand the issues surrounding professionals who may exploit their contact with children and young people in order to abuse them.
  • State the blocks to staff reporting concerns and develop methods of overcoming them.
  • Understand the difference between professional standards and allegations of abuse.
  • To gain an insight into the process of investigating and our role within.