Aaron Tighe


Finham Park Secondary School

I am currently an Assistant Subject leader or ICT & Computing and an E-Teaching Leader at Finham Park School. I am also our lead teacher on A-level Computing (which I have taught for 7 years) and GCSE Computing (which I have taught for 3 years) and have been in charge of their introduction and implementation. I have taught on a variety of ICT qualifications include OCR Nationals and BTEC First’s in ICT for which I am our schools lead internal verifier. With regard to my own teaching practise I have consistently achieved an outstanding grading for the past three years.

I have supported other HOD’s from other schools in their approach to delivering GCSE Computing and building a spine which extends from KS3 to ensure there are levels of progression within the subject. I have also worked in primary schools to liaise and advise on the approach to teaching computing to KS2 pupils and am working closely with some of our feeder schools to improve the ‘spine’ of computing.

Finally I have spent several years in the implementation of our schools VLE. This unique experience has allowed me to understand the various training and change management needs that are faced when making any form of change on a large or small scale. During implementation of the VLE I designed and delivered bespoke training on a variety of ICT tools and software to the all teaching and associate staff