Improving Science Literacy

Brief Overview:
  • You will explore the curriculum links between literacy and science.
  • You will also consider how to develop literacy skills to improve the quality of children’s written explanations in science.
  • This course will explore a range of strategies designed to improve children’s ability to use scientific language
  • Deepika Soni: Advanced Teaching and Learning Consultant and SLE for Science
Who is it suitable for:
  • Primary Teachers
  • Secondary Teachers
  • Science Coordinators/Leaders
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Literacy co-ordinators
  • EAL teachers/co-ordinators

What is the intended impact for you?

What will you take away with you? e.g. resources, learning points etc.

  • Gain an awareness of the nature and breadth of opportunities for linking science and literacy.
  • Develop strategies for raising attainment in science through developing.
  • Speaking, listening and writing skills and to communicate scientific learning begin to identify progression in science and literacy


Session Date Time Venue Brief Outline
Session 1 Spring term TBC 9-11am Sidney Stringer Academy As above