Developing Greater Understanding of Progress 8 and KS4 Accountability Measures

Brief Overview: This session forms part of a series of sessions offered by the Local Authority designed to support Governors in their role. This session will be delivered by Anna Ford who is the Senior Data Lead at Sidney Stringer Academy. This will be a one hour session and will help Governors to understand this key accountability measure and what Governors need to understand in order to be able to hold the school to account.The session will involve:

  • What are the main accountability measures at KS4? (Progress 8, Basics, EBACC)
  • How do they measure performance? What is considered to be good performance and what is not?
  • What information should the school be sharing with you as Governors? How much do you need to know?
  • What kinds of questions should you be asking school leaders about performance?
  • A task where you are presented with some KS4 data available to Governors to analyse and come up with some questions to ask leaders.
  • What do you need to do if you do not think the data is good
  • Reliability and validity of data?

For more information about the other sessions available, please contact the Local Authority Governor Support Service.

Facilitator: Anna Ford-Senior Data Lead at Sidney Stringer Academy
Who is it suitable for: Any Governor
What will you take away with you? e.g. resources, learning points etc. What is the intended impact for you and your school? A clear understanding of data presented and the right questions to ask.
Contact: Trudy Bell
Teaching School: Swan
Tel: 024 7625 1756 (Ext. 1714)
Costs: £60 for schools that subscribe to the Governor Support Services. Book on via GovernorHub. £65 for non-subscribing schools. Book on by emailing
Sessions Date Time Venue Brief Outline
Session 1 11/06/2019 4.00 to 6.00pm Sidney Stringer Academy As above