High Impact Teaching, High Impact Learning

Brief Overview:

This pick and mix selection of CPD sessions are aimed at colleagues who  may benefit from selecting sessions looking at Outstanding practice in one or more areas of pedagogy.

Head teachers may send one or two delegates to as many or few sessions, or you may choose to send a different colleague to each session.

All sessions aim to equip delegates with the knowledge, skills and a bank of high impact strategies for outstanding Teaching and Learning.

When booking certain sessions please state which session you would like to attend in the special requirements box.

Name: Advanced Teaching and Learning Consultants
School: Sidney Stringer Academy
Who is it suitable for: Teachers across all ranges and experience.

What is the intended impact for you?

What will you take away with you? e.g. resources, learning points etc.

  • Develop outstanding teachers
  • A bank of high impact strategies, in a delegate booklet.
  • Post sessional opportunities
  • Opportunity for continued contact and support from lead facilitator.

Bronze Package: £75 for 1 session

Silver Package: £350 for 5 sessions

Gold Package: £600 for 9 sessions

Session Date Time Venue Brief Outline
1 14/11/18 2:30-4:30pm SSA Zaynab Bharuchi- Sidney Stringer
The teacher as a facilitator of learning
2 29/11/18 2:30-4:30pm SSA Leah Shirley- Sidney Stringer
Starters, hooks and engagement as a
critical tool for assessment
3 14/12/18 2:30-4:30pm SSA Paul Tuffin- Southfields
Creating a culture of learning through
4 24/01/19 2:30-4:30pm SSA Kate Jefferson- Sidney Stringer
High impact strategies for marking: mark less, achieve more!
5 15/02/19 2:30-4:30pm SSA Lynne Burns- Spon Gate
Stretch and Challenge: Effective use of
strategies and how to assess their impact
6 13/03/19 2:30-4:30pm SSA Lynne Burns- Spon Gate
High impact, low effort strategies for differentation
7 17/04/19 2:30-4:30pm SSA Michelle Harris/Bhavini SandhuHolbrook
Primary School
Using mini plenaries and hinge points
effectively to promote progress
8 09/05/19 2:30-4:30pm SSA Paul Tuffin- Southfields
Using data and seating plans to inform planning and next steps
9 11/06/19 2:30-4:30pm SSA Lynne Burns- Spon Gate
Plenaries: Do they matter? How to use
plenaries effectively.

Please, contact kparsons.staff@sidneystringeracademy.org.uk for more information