Pupil Premium Reviews

What is a Pupil Premium Review (PPR)?

Every school has a duty to ensure that every individual child is given the best possible chance of achieving their potential, despite any disadvantage. The Government provides Pupil Premium funding, which is in addition to main school funding, to help address national inequalities between the achievements of children eligible for free school meals or children in care and others. The Pupil Premium Grant is allocated to schools based on the number of students who are known to be eligible for free school meals or have been eligible in the last six years. It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual students within their responsibility.

A PPR will look at how your school is spending its pupil premium funding so that you can utilise your funding effectively to improve the achievement of disadvantaged pupils.

We will work closely with you to establish what outcomes you would like to see as a result of the PPR and we will provide you with a written report outlining our findings. The cost of the review will depend on how long we expect the PPR to take and will include the cost of travel.

The System Leader:

The Executive Principal of Sidney Stringer MAT, Wendy Tomes, is available to support your school in undertaking a review.

Pupil Premium work at Sidney Stringer Academy:

Following a review at the start of the Spring term consultant Dave Smith told us that the practice and support for our Pupil Premium students was outstanding. Sidney Stringer Academy, he said, has excellent systems in place and that our use of data to effectively support students is also very impressive. He was also impressed with our focus on homework and believes, as we do, that this is a real benefit to students. He also felt that because we know our students so well, we are able to give outstanding support which underpins the outstanding progress that they make.

Feedback in the review letter included:

“The reason you have been selected is that you are one of the most improved schools in the country in terms of the attainment and value-added progress of your disadvantaged pupils since 2011. It is clear that you and your staff have provided your disadvantaged pupils with a good start in life and prepared them well for their
In addition, your school has proven to be one of the top 90 in England showing the greatest sustained improvement in the percentage of pupils achieving five or more A*-C grade GCSEs (or equivalent), including English and mathematics GCSEs.
I would like to congratulate your staff, governors, parents and pupils for their hard work and success, and thank you for your leadership in making such a difference to the future success of your pupils. Finally, I would also encourage you to share your
achievements with other schools so that they can learn from your strengths”

For more information on the work we do please visit the Sidney Stringer Academy website.

If you would like to arrange a PPR for your school please contact Victoria Hastie: vhastie.staff@sidneystringeracademy.org.uk