Lynne Burns

SLE for Primary EnglishLynne Burns

Spon Gate Primary School

I am Deputy Headteacher at Spon Gate Primary School.  My role includes English subject lead, writing project lead, staff appraisal, curriculum overview and transience and admission systems.  I also take a joint lead with the Headteacher on teaching and learning and assessment for learning.  Within the Senior Leadership Team there is a drive to use effective monitoring and data analysis as a strategic tool to accelerate pupil progress and contribute towards continued school improvement.  In my role I am responsible for modelling and leading on the sharing of outstanding practice to improve teaching and learning and pupil attainment.  I have had experience of teaching across all three key Stages within primary.

I am also a trained facilitator for the Improving Teacher Programme, the Outstanding Teacher Programme and The Power of Coaching Programme.  Through this role I have supported the professional development of colleagues from across the city.  My role as facilitator is to help to equip teachers with the skills and strategies to enable them to reach the next level of professional practice and for their progress to be consistent and sustainable.

A significant part of my role in school is to observe and assess the quality of teaching and learning and to provide supportive feedback to colleagues to enable them to continue to enhance their practice.  I firmly believe in the need to invest in the development of teachers so that the outcomes for all pupils are enhanced.