Rebecca Chandler

SLE for mathematics

Frederick Bird Primary School

As Lead Practitioner  for mathematics I have the privilege of working with colleagues to enhance the teaching of maths across the primary age range.  This includes exploring effective teaching and learning strategies, training and development.

In this role I am able to utilise my experience of leading the Maths Specialist Teacher programme for Edge Hill  University, which includes the development of  teacher’s subject knowledge, pedagogy – including a wide range of manipulatives such as Numicon, and capacity to work with others to champion mathematics.

Having previously worked for Coventry LA for a number of years I have a wealth of experience guiding, supporting and training leaders and teachers. Additionally  I facilitated a Special Schools Working party, working with and in special schools to develop practice for example on early counting and calculating skills.

I continue to train and am jointly developing a range of materials to support the implementation of the New Primary curriculum for mathematics. This includes keeping abreast of and integrating current research into practice, for example Bar Modelling as exemplified in Singapore.