Nico DeGroot

Nico De Groot

Sidney Stringer Academy


I am currently Assistant Principal leading Research and Development at Sidney Stringer Academy. I strongly believe that on-going teacher development is central to an improving school system. I am an experienced coach and mentor with a proven track record of impacting on standards at faculty and departmental level across a range of subjects. I also work with individual colleagues across all phases to move teaching forward, through reflection and by establishing a climate for change. As a trained Olevi facilitator I deliver the ITP and OTP programmes within the Swan Alliance, I am also an Olevi trained coach.

As an experienced teaching and learning consultant I lead high impact CPD sessions at whole school and departmental level. Previous work includes supporting the LA CPD offer and work over a number of years with the Coventry Teaching and Learning Partnership including teaching a live lesson within the lesson observation for real programme. I work closely with Cambridge Education and have modelled outstanding teaching for their video lesson portfolio for lesson observation training. I am also a Cambridge Education trained lesson observer which is Ofsted accredited.

My recent work with Research and Development includes devising a whole academy CPD model with class room enquiry the central strand. This includes supporting and training facilitators and implementing a culture shift amongst the whole staff. I have led Sidney Stringer Academy to the NTEN silver award for its professional learning culture and as part of this process have audited other schools CPD offers including interviewing key staff and head teachers and feeding back accordingly. I have used lesson study as a tool for teacher development for over ten years within my own faculty and have rolled this out across the whole academy. Within my current role I have supported a number of senior leaders to instigate a change in their CPD culture by putting research at the forefront of teacher development and measurement of impact as part of the process. I am currently part of the Birmingham University CPD expert group and am passionate about delivering high impact CPD focused on pupil learning.

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