Rosalind Whitworth

Rosalind Whitworth

SLE for PE, Health and Well-being

Frederick Bird

I am a middle leader at Frederick Bird Primary School.  I have been teaching for ten years and have experience in Early Years. I am a year leader and the Health and Well Being Faculty Leader at school.  I am a leading teacher in P.E and I am seconded one day a week to the local authority to work in Coventry Schools giving advice on leadership, planning and teaching of P.E. Within this role I have worked with subject leaders and senior management to develop a plan for their long term and short term targets.

I have recently completed a Masters in Education where I explored the impact of physical activity on academic achievement. I am currently part of a P.E experts group working for the DfE looking at the training needs of teachers to deliver the New National Curriculum for P.E. I have a particular interest in coaching and mentoring. I am a coach for the Middle Leadership Development Program where I support participants in identifying and closing gaps in children’s learning.

Working at Frederick Bird Primary has given me experience of working with an ethnically diverse community and dealing with some of the challenges that may bring. I have worked as a researcher with Birmingham University on a project for Birmingham Local Authority looking at the barriers to Muslim girls taking part in P.E. Our research was used to produce an advisory booklet for Head Teachers.