Rachael Lilley

Rachael Lilley



I am currently Special Educational Needs Coordinator and have completed the SEN Co-coordinator qualification. I am also responsible for supporting and mentoring students and First Direct students.

I have made many changes to the way SEND provision is catered for and have supported staff through those changes. This has led to positive outcomes on children’s learning and development throughout the curriculum.

A key change I made was to restructure Individual Education Plans (IEPs) to make them child friendly, which has led to the children and their parents having a great understanding of their targets and how they can achieve them.

I set up termly progress and provision meetings with staff to enable them to share concerns/ good practice, ask for advice and discuss pupil needs. Class provision maps are then created to ensure that all children have their specific needs catered for.

I have improved the monitoring of interventions to focus on the impact it had on the child’s progress. A new framework was created for staff to plan, carry out initial assessment, implement and then reassess each intervention to ensure that it had the desired impact.

I strongly believe that every child is entitled to equality in all aspects of their education and I look forward to the prospect of supporting other leaders in schools to try and achieve this.