Jane Flynn

Jane Flynn

SLE for inclusion

Sidney Stringer

I have over 30 years’ teaching experience and have been a member of Senior Leadership Teams in Secondary Schools in London and at Sidney Stringer School and Academy, Coventry since 1992. The leadership and management of change and development in response to various agendas have been integral to my work during this time and continue to be so.

My Senior roles have included, amongst other things, whole school responsibilities for CPD, Transition, Pastoral Care and Teaching and Learning. It was pleasing that, whilst leading on T and L, Sidney Stringer was inspected by Ofsted for the ‘Creativity of Teaching and approaches to Learning’ and was judged to be ‘outstanding’.

I currently lead on ‘Inclusion’ and strive to  develop policy and good practice in all aspects of school life,  in order that all students are supported in overcoming any barriers to learning which they might face, be they academic, social, economic, cultural, linguistic or physical. In 2011, Sidney Stringer was awarded the ‘Inclusion Quality Mark’ as an endorsement of our provision. In 2013, Inclusion at the Academy was judged to be ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.

I work extensively and flexibly with various teams of colleagues, both within and outside the school environment, and regularly in training/coaching/mentoring groups and individuals to develop knowledge, strategies and structures.

I hold an MA degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Warwick and the NPQH.