Coventry’s Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF) programme set out to remove the barriers to learning, educational success, emotional robustness and social mobility erected by weak language skills – particularly oracy – which impact vulnerable and disadvantaged children at key transition points in their education. In doing this we aimed to raise pupil performance in 28 schools (26 primary, 2 secondary) meeting several eligibility criteria and reduce several negative indicators (e.g. fixed term suspensions). Our work focused on 3 well defined and evidenced interventions all currently in use in Coventry but at a smaller scale. We supported these interventions with coaching and overcome the barriers to change (and the pull of the status quo) through sustained leadership coaching and close and frequent monitoring and evaluation.

An evaluation report outlining the key successes and challenges of the programme is attached here:

Talk to Learn Coventry SSIF – Summary Report

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